Why We Love StoryCorps New App.

If you have an interest in personal history, I’m sure you are familiar with NPR’s StoryCorp radio show, dedicated to sharing and recording the oral history of people.  Earlier this week, StoryCorps announced a smart phone app designed to let people record the oral history’s of others.

Now you maybe wondering why we are blogging about a free service that, arguably, competes with the paid services Story Crafters offers?  Well there are few reasons.

First and foremost, anything that promotes the need to capture and preserve personal histories is a wonderful thing.  We would not be “walking the walk” of advocating the need for families to preserve their history with future generations, if we did not celebrate what StoryCorps is doing.

As we state as part of our values, technology can exponentially increase the ability of people to document and preserve personal histories and this app is a perfect example of this.

Secondly there are many different ways, with varying degrees of quality, people can capture personal histories.  Some write books, others preserve their history in photo albums and others, like the StoryCorp app, capture history with audio recordings.  Story Crafters, and others, capture and preserve oral history using the medium of video.

Finally, one size does not fit all.  Just like when you buy a car, different models satisfy different needs–carpooling kids around town; commuting to work, or hauling heavy things around–and so there are different tools to capture personal histories based on different needs and desires.

The bottom line is that the StoryCorp app raises the awareness for the need to record and preserve personal histories and that is a good thing.