Our Story

Since I became a video producer, I’ve had the chance to hear some very interesting stories, from a first hand account of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the tragedy of struggling with heroin addiction. When you spend years in corporate life like I did, those stories really bring home the power of personal stories, compared with producing marketing videos.

Recently I had the chance to interview my Uncle about my Grandfather, who I never knew and I realized how emotionally satisfying it was to both share and learn about my past.

For me, I had discovered the perfect profession: help people tell interesting personal stories with video and giving a client the emotional satisfaction of preserving their family history that will live through the ages. Compared to producing conventional corporate videos, with clients who (understandably) focus on the ROI of the production, starting Story Crafters was an easy decision.

Based on this, we would like to share with you the underlying Values and Mission that guides the passion of Story Crafters.

Kevin behind camera