Training to ask candidates questions…

…many of us have watched as candidates slip through questions that people ask regarding their positions on many issues.  As part of the New Hampshire Primary, voters are being trained in the art of asking presidential candidates questions that they have to answer, or at least, appear uncomfortable as they dance around it.  You can learn more in our third episode, “BURD DOG U”.


When the dust settles in the Spring of 2016, many pundits feel the nominees for President will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  But not without some major problems along the way.  When both campaigns rolled into New Hampshire in back-to-back days, it gave Story-Crafters a chance to assess the early organizational might and challenges.  Here is our story:


A convergence of factors, from a love of history and politics to a fascination with media and technology (and geographic proximity) has lead to an exciting Story-Crafters project: A weekly web series devoted to chronicling the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  With more than 20 candidates and counting, there will never be a shortage of great stories to tell.  In addition, the New Hampshire Primary has a long tradition of quirky  activities, interesting people and dedicated campaign workers who make up the real New Hampshire Primary.  We hope you enjoy the series…and our first episode.

US Honors Bob Noble’s Sacrifice as WWII POW

I had the pleasure and honor to conduct an Oral History regarding Bob Noble’s experiences as a Prisoner of War in a German camp in 1945, as part of a series of interviews I did for the Veterans History Project of the US Library of Congress.

Today I was hearten to learn that the Bob’s sacrifice will be recognized this Thursday, April 9, 2015, as he was chosen to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day.

Here is a 3 minute edited excerpt of Bob’s oral history of his ordeal.