FAQs About Mini Personal Documentary

I don’t have my old photos scanned?

No problem, we can do that for you.  Below on this page we have a price list for additional services. Or here are some recommendations for having them done near you or by you.

How long is a typical mini-documentary?

Typically a mini documentary runs about 3 to 4 minutes. So under our pricing structure, the cost of a 3 video would be $297 and will include up to 10 photographs that are edited to add movement, with a voice over, music and titles.

What if the video is a few seconds over an additional minute, am I charged $99 for an additional few seconds?

Life is too short to be nickel-and-diming people. If the video runs a few seconds into the next minute of time, so that a final thought is completed, we won’t be charging you anything additional. We will begin charging a half minute rate ($49.50) for videos running :10 seconds or more into the next minute and a full minute rate for videos that exceed :30 seconds. In each case, you will be able to use additional photos (2 more for an additional half-minute rate and 3 photos for an additional minute). Story Crafters reserves the right to be the final arbiter of this variable pricing structure.

I hate my voice, can I have a professional voice over?

Yes you can, for an additional fee. We can provide you with samples of professional voiceovers to choose from. But remember, everyone hates their own voice. We strongly encourage people to use their own voice because it provides a level of intimacy and familiarity that will make your video tribute more genuine and appealing to family and friends.  More importantly, it is important that future generations hear and appreciate the sound of their ancestor’s voice.

Can I do this myself?

Maybe. Technology makes creating a mini documentary within reach of some people. You maybe one of them, or you may have a family member or friend that has all the software, hardware and communication skills to create one. Many people have home printers with adequate scanning capabilities (we recommend a minimum scanner with 600 dpi capability) to scan old photos. Also, basic video editing software can be used to create a mini documentary. However, there are a lot of “but’s” on the road to creating a mini documentary. The most critical component is the ability to write a concise and compelling narrative…something that is often easier said than done. Finally, there are many technical factors that may slow down your project, to the point where it is halfway completed and gets shelved. At Story Crafters, our goal is to complete your mini personal documentary video within 48 hours after we receive all the required material.

We offer this “mini” service to make family legacy videos and personal documentary biographies accessible to those without the time or resources required for a Do-It-Yourself project.

How do I receive my video?

We can send you a quicktime file of your video several different ways.   The most common are as a compressed email service, dropbox or google drive. We also provide options deliverer it to you on a DVD (with an optional custom cover) or upload your video to an online service in which you can control who has access to it.

What if I don’t like my video?

First, you have been part of the creative process and we will be all on the same page before the editing begins. You have chosen the photos you want and told us in what placement you want them in. Most people use our script writing template, record their own voiceover, you choose the sample music and tell us what the titles say titles. So there should be no surprises when you see the video for the first time.   Of course sometimes there is. We will send you a draft version for your review and will make revisions to the video that is consistent with the script and photos provided. We strive to make this a special gift to you, your family and friends and we are happy to make whatever tweaks needed to make this a “dream come true” project. We can add or swap out additional photos at this point, but we reserve the right to re-quote the project if the requested changes vary from the original written instructions.

What are our payment terms?

Once you decide you want to produce your own mini documentary, we ask for a $50 deposit that will be non-refundable once work begins. After we receive all the materials (photo’s, script/voiceover) to begin the project, we ask for an additional payment that fully covers 50% of the project cost (the initial deposit is include in this calculation). Initially we will send you a finished draft for your review and you may request changes (see “What if I don’t like my video” above.) You draft video will have a watermark overlay through the video and an ongoing audio beep as part of the sound track.   After final payment is received, your video file will be sent to you via an agreed upon delivery method (cloud-services, compressed email, snail mail, etc.).

What are your additional pricing options for the Mini Personal Documentary? 

Our Mini Documentary product is designed to be simple and affordable. We also understand that different clients have different needs and wishes. Therefore we offer a wide range of A La Carte options to accommodate all of the needs of our customers:

You want us to scan your photos:*                          $1.50 per photo, $25.00 minimum (Plus shipping and handling)

* Every care will be given in handling your photos, however we will not be responsible for any lost or damaged photos.

(Here is a great scanning option for you to consider).

You want us to write you script:                             $75.00   Estimate (A typical estimate for a 2 – 3 minute video entails a 30 minute consultation phone call and script writing. Based on the initial consultation call and length of video, additional charges maybe quoted).

Professional Voiceover                                                  By Request

Additional licensed music track(s)                          $50.00 per track

Video on DVD                                                                    $25 for the first DVD,             $15 for each additional DVD, plus shipping cost.