How to Write Your Script for Your Mini Documentary

If you are confident you know what to say in your mini documentary, start writing.

This section is for those who may have a difficult time organizing their thoughts into a short story. You know the feeling…there are many things you want to say, but then you stare at a blank page and you can’t seem to say it. Or you start writing and there is no flow or organization to your story. Sound familiar?

The best way to write your script is to ask yourself some questions and then answer them. With this simple exercise, you’re 80% done! If you still feel this is a daunting task, no worries, we would be happy to walk you through the process and then write a draft script for you. But there is a charge for this and we hope this process will guide you into creating a great story for you to share with your family and/or friends.

No matter what the subject of your mini documentary, the biggest question you need to answer—and the answer is often not part of the script is: What is the purpose of the video? Is it a tribute to someone; are you telling the history of your family or an organization; or do you just want to tell about a great vacation you just had? As you write answers to these questions, make sure they are consistent with your overall goal of the story—as a tribute; your personal history or a family history.

Also, before you start writing the script, go through the photos you want to use and the order you want them in. If you want to talk about something a photo and make sure you do. But it is not necessary to reference a photo, because each photo will be point of reference for your story timeline. For example, if you’re talking about something that happened in the 70’s, use a photo from that era. At the very least you want to place the photos into the chronological order of your story.

There are different sets of questions for you to answer and you will see how your script will come together by answering them.

Obviously your have a unique story to tell and it is not possible for us to ask every conceivable question. So after reviewing our questions, take a minute and think about other questions you can ask yourself to bring out the other points you want to add!

So pick the best list of questions that will help you tell your story!