Legacy Documentary

Custom Documentary

Lights, camera, action…so you want to make a movie about a subject close to your heart. That is precisely why Story Crafters exists!

We first want to hear your vision of the story you want to tell; then we’ll discuss at length about the subject; conduct our own research and work together to conduct additional research.

Then we will develop an outline for the project that will lay out the content, who will be interviewed, locations to shoot, additional locations for “b-roll” and describe the style of the documentary.

We will then prepare the interview questions for your approval and plan the logistics for interviews and b-roll shots.

Unlike an oral history, the interviews will be cataloged based on the outline, and a script will be developed to transition the interview footage into a powerful narrative.

Music, professional voiceover, titles, credits, chapters, public domain archival footage and post-production effects will be added as necessary.

The scope of a Custom Documentary project is only limited by your imagination, so we need to fully understand your goals before providing a custom quote.

Here are excerpts of two examples of Custom Documentaries: