Mini Personal Documentary

Starting at $99 per minute.

Creating family legacy videos can be a real investment in time and money…or not!

Now Story Crafters’ has developed a very affordable service to create family history and tribute videos with little effort and quick turnaround time. They are ideal for special celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays or holiday gifts; or a great way to tell the story of your family history without a major investment of time and resources. Typically they run 3 to 4 minutes long, ample time to convey a emotional and informative personal or family history.

Our mini documentary option is composed of a series of photos, which are given movement identical to major documentary movies, along with a voice over narrative, music and titles. This is very different from slide show videos with music you often see commemorating a birthday or celebration of life.   A Mini Personal Documentary will have voice narrative telling a story about…your life, the life of an ancestor or even your favorite pets!

Here is a sample of a mini documentary.

Today, technology has given consumers the basic tools of create a legacy video that traces a personal or family history.   Many people have already scanned old family pictures. If you are one of them, you are already well on the road to making a family memories video or any subject you want. All you need is some Story Crafters’ assistance to write and record your narrative and our editing expertise to pull together everything into a compelling video biography.

Your $99 per minute Mini Personal Documentary includes:

  • Up to four photos for the first minute and up to three photos for each subsequent minute of video.
  • Opening titles and closing of the video.
  • Templates for you to build and write your narrative for your documentary. (This pricing option allows you to record your own voice over on a smart phone or digital recording device. We can provide a professional voice over and script writing services for an additional charge).

What are the 4 easy steps?

  1. Send us the photos you want to use in your video, following our simple process that indicates the order you want to use them.
  2. Using one of our script guides, prompting you to develop your video narrative (there are different ones to choose from, depending on the topic) you can write own.
  3. Choose from our sample of music to use and tell us what the opening and closing titles should be.
  4. Record your narrative with a smart phone and email the file to us.

When we receive all your materials and deposit, we will email you back with an estimated completion date. Our goal is to complete project within 48 hours of your deposit.

Here are some suggested topics for a Mini Personal Documentary.

Here are some FAQs related specifically to a Mini Personal Documentary.