Create an Oral History

Oral History Package:

An oral history entails a prepared interviewer asking questions that allows people to fully tell their story, whether it is their life story, the story of their family or an organization. Your oral history video recording will be lightly edited to omit long pauses and will be enhanced with titles, chapter breaks, old photos and/or videos provided by you. Our Basic Oral History Package includes:

  • 2 hours of consultation for preparation, research and development of interview questions that will be submitted in advance to you, so that you have time to give full and complete answers.
  • 2-hour video interview, with professional audio, lighting and camera equipment.
  • Up to 15 images or short video excerpts.
  • Licensed Music (where appropriate)
  • Intro title, lower third graphics and four chapter breaks (so that you can jump to a certain part of the interview).
  • Light editing (for example: omit long pauses and interviewer questions where appropriate).
  • Draft cut will be provided for review and agreed upon final edits will be made.
  • One archival-grade DVD and five consumer-grade DVDs.
  • Uploaded to a hosting site giving you the option to “invite” selected people to view or allow for public viewing.

Package Cost: $875.00

Additional Options:

10 additional photos or short video clips: $100

Re-edit into 15 minute mini-documentary:  Starting at $750

Custom Oral History pricing is available based on your specific needs or requests.

Here is a sample of a re-edited oral history excerpt: