Your Stories

What Stories Do You Have To Tell?

If you are interested in having an Oral History or a Documentary produced about your life or family, this takes careful planning and preparation.  Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable working with your personal historian / producer and it is likely you already have a vision as to what your story will be about.  Please review excerpts of our Oral History and Documentary work and contact us to engage in a conversation…or two…to see if you feel comfortable developing a relationship with us to create a very personal and important project for you.

If you have an interest in preserving family legacies, but your not really sure what the scope of the topic would be, below is a sampling of suggested topics and ideas that you may want to undertake.  Many of these suggestions are appropriate for an Oral History and Documentary level project and others would be more suited for a Mini Personal Documentary project.

  • Tribute to Your Late Parents or Your Mother or Father

Would you like to pass on the legacy of your parents to your children and grandchildren?   Share their sacrifices and struggles, the times they lived in and the values they’ve imparted, and preserve them with future generations.

  • Personal Oral History of Your Life

Many may not realize it, but we ALL have led interesting lives and amassed a vast wealth of tales to share with family, friends and descendants. From a brief photo essay with an audio voice over to a three-hour oral history interview, or an edited documentary — there are many ways to leave your mark on the future.

  • Family Biography

Let’s share the inspiring history of your growing family tree.  Gather stories from extended family—brothers and sisters honoring their parents, grandparents sharing their experiences and wisdom with the extended brood, your hopes for your children and the upcoming generations.

  • Honoring an Ancestor

Do you have a relative that has a noble story? Fought in the Revolution or Civil War? Has a story that embodies the American Spirit? Now let’s take the research your family has done and make it come alive with the sight, sound and emotion of the visual medium!

  •  Wedding Anniversary Tribute

Celebrate the patrons of a multi-generational family while they are still alive. Whether you surprise them with a visual essay that captures their love and spirit, or work with the couple as they reminisce about their lives and family milestones.

  • Saluting (or Roasting) a Retiring Colleague

Long and loyal service to a company is an increasingly rare occurrence in this day and age.  So make the most of it with a short and affordable tribute to your retiring colleague. Whether it is a solemn salute for their dedicated service or humorous look at his or her tenure, this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

  • History of a Company

Do you work in a family business or are you a partner in a company with a long past? Capture the history, the challenges and the successes for a major milestone event. Share with current and future employees and clients the values that made your company successful and sustainable.

  • Veteran’s Story

For those who have fought and served their country, these are the most formative experiences that have shaped their lives. We take care to recount these experiences and their impact—to both family members and historians. For those who meet the guidelines of the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, which permanently catalogs a combat veteran’s oral history, we will assist in submitting the necessary documents at no charge.  We are proud to have conducted and submitted several oral histories to the Library.

  • Ethical Will / Legacy Letter

Ethical Wills go back to the Old Testament and have been contemporized as Legacy Letters. They are a means to share the values you have developed over a lifetime of experiences. Ethical Wills are more about sharing your spiritual-self rather than a chronological history of your life. Don’t just pass down a family’s valuables, but pass down the family’s values.

  •  The History of Your Community

Are you part of your community Historical Society? Does your group have a wealth of artifacts and legacies that you would like to highlight? We can help your stories come alive and be more accessible for contemporary residents.

  • The Animals in Your Life.

Many of us have strong connections with a cherished pet or several   animals throughout our lifetime. Whether you are a dog, cat, horse or reptile person, you can honor all the creatures that touched your life with a loving multi-media essay.

  • A Travel Story

Why is it that vacation picture montages are so…well, boring? Maybe there are too many photos and your “off-the-cuff” descriptions never do your trip justice. So select your best photos, write up the highlights of your trip, and show your friends and family that your trip was exciting as it originally sounded!