Write a script for a personal history, in Third Person.

It is important that you just don’t answer the question, but rewrite the question into the full answer. For example, if the question is “When was your grandfather born?” do not write, “1927 in Chicago”. Write, “My grandfather was born in 1927 in Chicago.”

Here are questions you can answer to create a script for a family or individual’s history.   Please note that many of these questions are optional and may or may not pertain to your story. Feel free to rearrange the questions to be in chronological order of the story you are telling.  Here is an example of how is script is written by answering some simple questions.  And remember, if you don’t see questions that you think would better tell you story, add them and answer them!

Questions to create a script for the personal history of a person, in a third person narrative.

When and where was the subject of the video born?

Who were their parents?

Was there anything unique about the era or location they were born? (Optional)

Where did they go to school and/or college?

Did they move around as a child / young adult? (Optional)

Is there any thing unique about their childhood that shaped their life (loss of their parent when young, a childhood disease, grew up in the depression, etc.)?

Did they serve in the military and if so, where. If they served during wartime, please elaborate?

How did they meet their spouse, when did they get married?

What do they do for an occupation?

How many children did they have and what were their names, in order?

If you are telling the story of your parent(s) describe any family vacations or activities that you remember.

What were the most important values taught to you by them? (Religion, Community Involvement, Education, ect.)

Did they face any challenges or adversities and how did this impact their lives and the lives of their family?

When and how did they pass away, or if they are still living, what are they doing?

What impact do they have on your life?